My first garden harvest

Look what I grew! A cucumber! It is my first one and was the only one so far. I don’t have any recipes that call for cucumber so I think it will get put into a salad with some hard boiled eggs from my girls in the backyard. I’m not much of a salad person unless there is some boiled egg and ranch dressing involved.

please excuse the blurry photo but YAY

Something else I’m currently “growing” is this abandoned kitten a friend found. She didn’t have a place to keep it and it was tiny and bony scrawny and flea infested. He is currently getting kitten formula¬†and combings with a flea comb and is doing well. I’m planning to rehome him but we’ll see. It is kitten season so all the rescues all overrun with babies. Meet Yoda:


My volunteer pumpkin vine is doing well although no pumpkins yet. I really need to get out and work in the yard but the mosquitos are awful, even with bug spray on. Heck, everything is awful this year; mosquitos, fleas, ticks, flies. Ugh. I knew it would be like this though because our winter was so warm this year. It’s always warm, this is¬†Georgia after all, but we needed a good hard freeze to kill off the bugs. We’re also getting crazy things like earwigs and carpenter ants all over the place. I’m starting prayers NOW for snow this winter.

Cats and mint

We’re closing on a house on the 31st. We’ve been rental nomads for so long, this feels unreal. I have big plans for being a homeowner. I’ve had container gardens this whole time but it isn’t easy. I could plant things like tomatoes in a container but I just don’t have the gumption. I’ve stuck to herbs such as mint. Mint is so easy! I knew a girl who took the piece of mint that was a garnish for her mojito home with her, stuck it in water, rooted it, and planted it. It lived and did nicely. This is my current container of mint:

It looks like it is escaping.

My biggest wish is to be more self sufficient so my homeowner plans are all to further that. I want to be prepared if a zombie apocalypse happens. I’m a huge Walking Dead and Z Nation fan.

I want to:
Cut out the processed foods and cook from scratch
Bake our own bread
Have a garden and grow some of our own food
Have backyard chickens
Use less plastic in the kitchen and recycle more
Put in a rain barrel
Start canning and preserving food

… and more!

Big hopes and plans, I know. Especially with us having full time jobs and two small boys. It is a suburban house, but it is on a little over half an acre so at least we have a little plot of land.

I will admit that I don’t have any experience with chickens, but I’ve read a lot, and I have lots of cats. I know chickens require different care than cats, but at least I have an idea of animal care. That counts for something, right?

Since I have such big hopes, and dreams, and plans, I thought that I would start a blog to document it as I go. I only have real experience with cats and mint, so that became the title.

So welcome! I hope that you will say hi, and follow along on this adventure.