What’s living so far

I sprouted from seeds this year instead of buying baby plants. Not everything has died so I consider that a success. One vine cucumber is thriving:


The peppers are all perking along and need to be transplanted to give each other more room:


And I have a volunteer something from the compost I mixed into the soil around the raspberry bush. I think and hope it is a pumpkin vine:


What do you think? Is my pumpkin guess correct?


One man’s trash is another man’s… compost bins

One of my to do list projects was compost bins. Manufactured ones weren’t in my budget and I was thinking of trying to make one from wooden pallets. Then one night I was on the Facebook and a neighbor in a local group posted that they had several compost bins they needed to get rid of. What??? I messaged him and confirmed they were still available- he had 2 left! Hubby and I rushed right over and collected them. 

Aren’t they beautiful? 

Our first offering! 

Hopefully by Spring, we’ll have some lovely rich compost for our garden beds. I’ve given my oldest kiddo the chore of emptying the coffee can of kitchen scraps into the bin every day. 

I love local Facebook groups for free and cheap stuff and for meeting our neighbors. If you haven’t got any local groups for your town or neighborhood, try making one. It really expands the sense of community. Plus you never know what you’ll come across!